The biggest secret in the EB-5 immigration visa: You overpaid $50,000 in broker commissions


DUBAI, UAE — Ellis Island Capital (EIC) has teamed up with a global investment bank, a billion-dollar hedge fund and an international developer to create the first series of high quality EB-5 investment projects with no administration fees. These three US government-approved EB-5 projects are currently available for investment, but are expected to be sold out by the end of 2018.

These institutional quality EB-5 investments are being promoted directly and exclusively via Ellis Island Capital – which means that excessive “agent fees” are removed – with up to $50,000 in savings being passed along to EB-5 investors.

Assembling these offerings has taken the accumulated experience of one of the oldest and most successful EB-5 Regional Centers, a Securities and Exchange Registered Broker-Dealer, and a team of innovative, well-known immigration attorneys. The partnering Regional Center has been placing investors into EB-5 investments for eight years, with over 150 people legally living in the United States as a result of working with this Regional Center.

The EB-5 visa, also known as the “immigrant investor visa”, was created to provide foreign nationals the opportunity to obtain US permanent residency for themselves and their immediate family members in return for investing in specifically approved American businesses.

“Amazon, Uber, Netflix are all companies that have harnessed the massive power of the Internet to deliver high-quality products at unbeatable prices. Why should an EB-5 investment be any different? By making the buying process more efficient, Ellis Island Capital’s customers invest directly into an institutional quality EB-5 investment in the United States, and save $50,000 in fees,” said Jonathan Matzner, former US diplomat and CEO of Ellis Island Capital.

Up until now, administration fees have been charged by the EB-5 regional centers. They are unrelated to the initial $500,000 investment required by USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services) and are not legally required by the US government. However, most regional centers require the administration fees to be paid up front at the time of investing the US government required $500,000. Thus, the total cost that investors have had to pay has been $550,000 when all that is legally required is $500,000.

When recently interviewed, EIC director, René Avendaño said, “As consumers become smarter, we are working to prevent investors from unnecessarily paying $50,000 commissions. These fees have historically been redirected to ‘immigration agents’ under the guise of an administration or application fee.”

Furthermore, and as part of its commitment to cutting unnecessary expenses, Ellis Island Capital has partnered with one of the most prominent EB-5 immigration attorneys (1,500 applications filed to date) to file applications for only $7,000, when most EB-5 attorneys have been charging $20,000 before filing an application.

Ellis Island Capital’s head of operations, Zac Gawn said, “Investors should think critically about the fees they’re being charged, as a relatively high fee could mean the Regional Center may be ‘hiding’ the excessive marketing costs and high commissions that are part of most agent referrals.”

Matzner said, “EIC is committed to offering only the highest quality no admin fee EB-5 projects, while continuing to educate the public on how to avoid excessive agent (finders) fees within the EB-5 industry.”



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